Below are the Terms and Conditions for a stay at Too Precious for Kennels
Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions can be printed off by visiting the Forms page

Provisions for dog

Too Precious for Kennels will provide everything your dog requires apart from food. It is the owner's responsibility to provide food for their dog(s), sufficient for the length of their stay. Owners are also encouraged to provide familiar items, e.g. favourite bedding or toys. If your dog has special dietary or medication needs this is not a problem, you just need to let us know. If your dog eats fresh meat or fish, you will need to cook these and provide the food in freezer bags which can be defrosted each day. We suggest that you provide an extra sheet explaining what food or medication should be given and when. Please ensure that, whilst in our care, your pet is wearing a fitted collar, complete with ID tag (where applicable).

Mixing with other dogs

Every effort will be made by TPfK to ensure all dogs boarding with us will be safe from attack by other dogs and from contracting illnesses / diseases during their stay. It must be accepted by dog owners that their dog will be accommodated with other dogs and signed consent is required from each dog owner permitting their dog to be accommodated with others.


It is company policy that dogs are never allowed off their leads for insurance purposes. Most clients are happy to supply a flexi lead. If an owner insists that they want their dog let off then we must be in agreement and you must provide written consent. By doing so you accept full responsibility and liability for your dog while off the lead if your dog runs away, gets lost, causes an accident, bites someone or gets into a fight with another dog. We will of course take every action to minimise the risk of this happening.

Excess charges for Drop off or Collection outside agreed hours

For overnight boarding we charge for a 24 hour period from when you leave your dog. This means that if you collect your dog after the 24 hrs is up, additional time will be charged at the appropriate day rate.

For day boarding the times of boarding are between 8.00am and 6.00pm. If you wish to leave your dog earlier or collect it later than these times it must be by prior arrangement and with our consent. There will also be an additional charge of £2.00 per additional hour or part hour if after 6pm, and £5.00 per additional hour or part hour if before 8am.

Paying Boarding Fee

The fee is made up of two parts. You must pay a (non-refundable) deposit of either cheque or cash, or on line through our website, by debit or credit card, to confirm your booking. The deposit is part of the daily rate and not in addition to it. The balance of the fee is due when you deliver your dog to us, by cash or cheque.

Additional Charges

In the event that damage is caused to our home, damages must be paid for on collection of your dog.

Additional cleaning due to a dog not being 'house trained' or being incontinent, or an un-spayed bitch coming into season will incur additional charges. These charges will depend on the amount of soiling but will typically be £5.00 per day, payable on collection of your dog.

Cancellation of booking

If you need to cancel for any reason, the following cancellation fees apply:

If you do not turn up for your booking or cancel giving less than 24 hours notice the total fee is due.

If you cancel your booking with more than 24 hours notice, there will be no fee but you will lose your deposit.

Leaving dog later than agreed

If you leave your dog later than the agreed time but on the same day, there is no extra cost or refund; your 'slot' has been reserved for the day. If you anticipate arriving later we ask that you make us aware of your later drop off time, so avoiding us waiting longer than necessary and to ensure we are ready to receive your dog. If you drop your dog off on a later day than agreed there is no refund. Your 'slot' has been reserved for you from the confirmed date.

Collecting dog early

If you return from your holiday early and decide to collect your dog before the due date - there is no refund of payment.

Vaccination / Worming / Fleas

As your dog may come into contact with other dogs it should always have annual vaccinations to protect it against infections and disease. Your dog should also be wormed and be treated for fleas before being boarded. It is your responsibility to ensure your pet is free of fleas. If fleas are present, we may treat your pet and you will be required to reimburse us for any expense incurred.

Illness or Injury

You agree for Too Precious for Kennels to make any decisions regarding your dog’s health/welfare, providing we are acting in the best interest of your dog and on the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon. Alternatively, provide an emergency contact number for someone to make these decisions on your behalf.

If your dog becomes ill whilst you are away, we will contact you (or your nominated person) on your/their emergency number at the first opportunity to discuss what has happened. If you require us to, or we cannot get hold of you (or your nominated person), or we believe urgent medical attention is required, we will call your vet and discuss its condition. If unable to contact your vet, we will contact our vet. If we think it is necessary your dog will be taken to the vet. The cost of treatment will be reclaimed upon your return. We will contact you on your emergency number at the first opportunity to discuss what has happened and keep you updated of your pet's progress.

Behaviour / Aggression

Your dog must be non-aggressive. Should it show aggressive tendencies towards us, or other resident dogs, or your dog’s behaviour becomes uncontrollable, destructive or unreasonable, you accept that he/she will be placed in a dog boarding kennel until your return and that this will be subject to a £20.00 transfer charge, plus you agree to pay all additional kennel fees in addition to our own fees.


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